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Goal of the Prototyping

We start game developing since Feb. 35+α game ideas, 17 game design documents and 4 game spec documents was written by game designer. So, our 1st prototype game was released at 28. Feb. And we will release another prototype game about other project.

Prototyping is a product testing technique about performed to the actual usability during product development. Prototyping for game development is using for the game systems evaluation or the proposed game design plans verification. Also, it used in game art designs.

Card Game Prototyping
Card Game Prototyping

You don’t make a game prototype, used only computer programing languages. If you want a evaluation about Simple combat game system, you can just used a pen, some papers and a dice. Actually, our 1st prototype game used a poker card deck and coins. Fast developing and testing are important things for prototyping. So, we will always search every materials and methods.

1st Project Prototyping

The 1st prototype’s goal is a evaluation about the combat system using card game rule systems. We tested turn base combat system, modification rules and defined detail progresses. When a test was over, we planing about make a program.

During 2 weeks, 2nd prototype’s targets are making basic combat systems and testing. Game system can be used input methods, processing game rules, displaying results. A game has a event scene display using text at battle before and after.

Project B Ver P2
Project B Ver P2

Version P1 and P2 was making easy, but it makes troubles about evaluations. Our prototyping goals are so rough, so evaluation rules were rough too.

We just define a goal, “Use a card game to implement the combat system and evaluating”. It is so good to simple but not good about make evaluation items. For this reason, it is too hard work that evaluation about “Is it really fun?”. Peoples are answer that own needs themselves. And project planing decisions falling chaos.

Define Specific Prototyping Goals

Project’s goals are important, because it is possible making objective evaluation items. Our prototyping goals are fixed next step.

  • Make combat system using simply card game rules.
  • Simply combat system.
  • Make variety decision about battle actions.
  • Check the dependence about lucks.
  • Target user testing: Funny and interest.

If evaluation items are not objective, it makes confusing about project process. It will be able to make waste time. Make objective items and use for evaluation is a basic about efficient making prototypes.