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Army and Strategy: The Crusades Dev. Log Videos

These videos are log of development about Army and Strategy: The Crusades. Actually these videos just using at IGF 2012, but we was selected just one video.

Army and Strategy: The Crusades Art Concept Video Clip


Army and Strategy: The Crusades Dev. Diary Video

Army and Strategy Test Play Log

*. It just a development version. These images will be changing future.

Test Play log – Aug. 8. 2012 10:00 AM ~ 12:30 PM

1) Selected Grand Campaign: Crusades vs. Jihad – Jun. 1170.

2) Selected Kingdom: Kingdom of Jerusalem.

3) Victory Condition: Conquer all cities.

  • Jun. 1170: The Saint is coming at Kingdom of Jerusalem. Starting trade with Fatimid.
  • Jul. 1170: The Saint give some donation for kingdom. New General has been hired(Isabella I).  County of Tripoli proposed the military alliance, but reject this propose.
Thank you very much!
  • Aug. 1170: The saint leaved kingdom. Kingdom of Jerusalem declare war to Sultanate of Damascus.
  • Nov. 1170: Roman Catholic declare the Crusades. Kingdom of Jerusalem send a gift to Fatimid.
  • Dec. 1170: Kingdom of Jerusalem conquered Muta, Sultanate of Damascus’s fortress.
  • Jan. 1171 : Great Seljuk Empire declare war to Kingdom of Jerusalem and Count of Antioch.
  • Feb. 1171: Many kingdoms were at war in East Mediterranean and Anatolia. Kingdom of Jerusalem has been made a loan, because they have no golds.
Make a loan.
  • Mar. 1171: Kingdom of Jerusalem conquered Bostra, city of Sultanate of Damascus.
  • Jun. 1171: Kingdom of Jerusalem accepted the military alliance with Fatimid.
  • Aug. 1171: Kingdom of Jerusalem conquered Damascus, the capital of  Sultanate of Damascus until 3 month.
  • Sept. 1171: Great Seljuk Empire was fallen by Duchy of Edessa.
  • Oct. 1171: Byzantine Empire declared war. But they are so far away.
East Mediterranean in 1171(Blue is Kingdom of Jerusalem).
  • Feb. 1172: Sunni Islam has declared Jihad. It’s the alert between Sunni Islam kingdoms and Kingdom of Jerusalem’s relationship.
Sunni Islam has declared Jihad.
  • Mar. 1173: Zengids has been fallen by Principality of Russia.
  • Fatimid conquer Constantinople. Near cities has been anarchy.
  • Jun. 1172: New Kingdoms established near Constantinople.
  • Nov. 1172: Declare war to Fatimid.
  • Oct. 1173: Roman Catholic declare the Crusades again(What?).
  • Apr. 1174: Fatimid has been fallen by Kingdom of Jerusalem.
  • Jul. 1174: Declare war to County of Tripoli.
  • Aug. 1174: County of Tripoli has been fallen. Roman Catholic blame Kingdom of Jerusalem.
North Africa and Palestine in Aug. 1174.
  • Nov. 1174: Count of Antioch has been destroyed by Kingdom of Jerusalem. Roman Catholic blame Kingdom of Jerusalem, but kingdom had gave much money for church already yet.
  • Dec. 1174: Kingdom of Jerusalem conquered North Africa, Palestine, Syria.
  • Jun. 1175: Declare war to Kingdom of Hungary.
  • Jan. 1176: Kingdom of Hungary has been destroyed by Kingdom of Jerusalem.
  • Feb. 1176: Principality of Russia has been destroyed by Kingdom of Jerusalem. The Last One is Duchy of Edessa.
  • Oct. 1176: Duchy of Edessa has been destroyed. Kingdom of Jerusalem has established the empire in East Mediterranean.

– End of Game –