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Army and Strategy Dev. Diary – Nov. 2012

Today(6. Nov. 2012) is very cold in South Korea. Of course, winter is coming.

After IGF 2013 main competition submitted, the project is running at goal about public release. The game includes 3 local maps, and 1 world map. It is based on real history of crusades, and counterfactual history of middle ages.

Working hard today!(It is not fake!)

Activities of outside

We also doing activities of outside. Our team member had invited event at Game Ade, and introduced our team working process. And interviewed about indie game culture in Korea at Game Culture Foundation(게임문화재단). Of course we will take off to china, attending GDC China 2012, soon.

Thanks for our family

3. Nov. 2012, We had a small party for Army and Strategy: The Crusades development crews and their families. The project does not over, but  we want say “thanks for our project members and families”. Thank you very much, again.

Finally, We are attached video clip for IGF 2013, please click the like button at YouTube. (…) And, see you later ladies and gentlemen. Bye~.

Army and Strategy Test Play Log

*. It just a development version. These images will be changing future.

Test Play log – Aug. 8. 2012 10:00 AM ~ 12:30 PM

1) Selected Grand Campaign: Crusades vs. Jihad – Jun. 1170.

2) Selected Kingdom: Kingdom of Jerusalem.

3) Victory Condition: Conquer all cities.

  • Jun. 1170: The Saint is coming at Kingdom of Jerusalem. Starting trade with Fatimid.
  • Jul. 1170: The Saint give some donation for kingdom. New General has been hired(Isabella I).  County of Tripoli proposed the military alliance, but reject this propose.
Thank you very much!
  • Aug. 1170: The saint leaved kingdom. Kingdom of Jerusalem declare war to Sultanate of Damascus.
  • Nov. 1170: Roman Catholic declare the Crusades. Kingdom of Jerusalem send a gift to Fatimid.
  • Dec. 1170: Kingdom of Jerusalem conquered Muta, Sultanate of Damascus’s fortress.
  • Jan. 1171 : Great Seljuk Empire declare war to Kingdom of Jerusalem and Count of Antioch.
  • Feb. 1171: Many kingdoms were at war in East Mediterranean and Anatolia. Kingdom of Jerusalem has been made a loan, because they have no golds.
Make a loan.
  • Mar. 1171: Kingdom of Jerusalem conquered Bostra, city of Sultanate of Damascus.
  • Jun. 1171: Kingdom of Jerusalem accepted the military alliance with Fatimid.
  • Aug. 1171: Kingdom of Jerusalem conquered Damascus, the capital of  Sultanate of Damascus until 3 month.
  • Sept. 1171: Great Seljuk Empire was fallen by Duchy of Edessa.
  • Oct. 1171: Byzantine Empire declared war. But they are so far away.
East Mediterranean in 1171(Blue is Kingdom of Jerusalem).
  • Feb. 1172: Sunni Islam has declared Jihad. It’s the alert between Sunni Islam kingdoms and Kingdom of Jerusalem’s relationship.
Sunni Islam has declared Jihad.
  • Mar. 1173: Zengids has been fallen by Principality of Russia.
  • Fatimid conquer Constantinople. Near cities has been anarchy.
  • Jun. 1172: New Kingdoms established near Constantinople.
  • Nov. 1172: Declare war to Fatimid.
  • Oct. 1173: Roman Catholic declare the Crusades again(What?).
  • Apr. 1174: Fatimid has been fallen by Kingdom of Jerusalem.
  • Jul. 1174: Declare war to County of Tripoli.
  • Aug. 1174: County of Tripoli has been fallen. Roman Catholic blame Kingdom of Jerusalem.
North Africa and Palestine in Aug. 1174.
  • Nov. 1174: Count of Antioch has been destroyed by Kingdom of Jerusalem. Roman Catholic blame Kingdom of Jerusalem, but kingdom had gave much money for church already yet.
  • Dec. 1174: Kingdom of Jerusalem conquered North Africa, Palestine, Syria.
  • Jun. 1175: Declare war to Kingdom of Hungary.
  • Jan. 1176: Kingdom of Hungary has been destroyed by Kingdom of Jerusalem.
  • Feb. 1176: Principality of Russia has been destroyed by Kingdom of Jerusalem. The Last One is Duchy of Edessa.
  • Oct. 1176: Duchy of Edessa has been destroyed. Kingdom of Jerusalem has established the empire in East Mediterranean.

– End of Game –