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Army and Strategy Dev. Diary – Nov. 2012

Today(6. Nov. 2012) is very cold in South Korea. Of course, winter is coming.

After IGF 2013 main competition submitted, the project is running at goal about public release. The game includes 3 local maps, and 1 world map. It is based on real history of crusades, and counterfactual history of middle ages.

Working hard today!(It is not fake!)

Activities of outside

We also doing activities of outside. Our team member had invited event at Game Ade, and introduced our team working process. And interviewed about indie game culture in Korea at Game Culture Foundation(게임문화재단). Of course we will take off to china, attending GDC China 2012, soon.

Thanks for our family

3. Nov. 2012, We had a small party for Army and Strategy: The Crusades development crews and their families. The project does not over, but  we want say “thanks for our project members and families”. Thank you very much, again.

Finally, We are attached video clip for IGF 2013, please click the like button at YouTube. (…) And, see you later ladies and gentlemen. Bye~.