About us


Pied Pipers Entertainment is an indie game development in Republic of Korea(South Korea).

We are developing ‘Army and Strategy: The Crusades‘. This game is a turn base strategy game.

Main Players

Pied Pipers Entertainment has two main developer. Each Project has more ‘Visiting Players’.

Programmer “Anoa”

He acted at old telnet BBS in Korea. He developed PC Online Games, Console Games, and Arcade Games. He is a part of Korean game development history. If you want know about the Dark side of Korean game development history, drink with him at night.

Game Designer “Irene”

Long long time ago, he was a boss at game development start-up . And he had worked at the amateur game design team. He has returned  the Commercial Game development recently. He had serviced at Korea Air Force Officer because Korea enforcing the Conscription. So, He has a unique career than another game developer in Korea.

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Pied Pipers Entertainment

Pied Pipers Entertainment is an indie game development team.